He Men's Deep Sleep


He Deep Sleep Formula is a natural supplement to induce sleep, relieve restlessness, promote refreshing sleep and reduce disturbed sleep.

This comprehensive formulation is based on Traditional Chinese medicine, with clinically researched ingredients that are proven to improve sleep quality.

Key Benefits
  • High potency formula
  • Enhance energy levels
  • Support healthy sexual function
  • Promote healthy libido
  • Maintain prostate health

Chaque tablette contient:

Extraits équivalents aux herbes séchées :
Racine de Morinda officinalis 3g
Feuille d'Epimedium sagittatum (herbe de chèvre cornée) 1.5g
Panaz ginseng racine (ginseng coréen) 1.5g
Fruit de Schisandra chinensis (vigne de magnolia) 750mg
Fruit de Serenoa repens (palmier nain) 500mg
Fruit de Lycopersicon esculentum 833 mg (équivalent à 2,5 mg de lycopène)
Chélate d'acides aminés de zinc 30 mg (équiv. à 6 mg de zinc)

How to Take

Dosage initial :
Prendre 2 comprimés par jour jusqu'à amélioration des symptômes.

Dose d'entretien :
Prendre 1 comprimé par jour.

Les comprimés peuvent être pris avec de l'eau ou du jus, avant les repas ou au moins une heure après les repas.

Sans blé, gluten, produits laitiers d'origine animale.

Conserver en dessous de 30C.

Si vous prenez des médicaments, consultez votre professionnel de la santé.
Si les symptômes persistent, consultez votre professionnel de la santé. Cesser l'utilisation si vous développez une sensibilité à la formule.
Ne pas utiliser si le sceau inviolable est brisé.


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See why everyone loves He!

"Works great for me. Great product, really helped settle down my bathroom trips at night. 

Rudy G, Verified Buyer

Supporting men's health

Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed

He Deep Sleep Formula is a natural herbal blend for men, easing you into deep, restorative sleep.

Relieves symptoms of stress and restlessness
Promotes sleep and helps relieve insomnia

Sleep Challenges

Many adults struggle with sleep issues, with nearly one-third regularly sleeping less than the recommended 7-9 hours each night.

Insufficient sleep can trigger a range of health issues:

  • Chronic insomnia and interrupted sleep
  • Daytime fatigue and low energy
  • Increased irritability and mood instability
  • Trouble focusing and maintaining concentration
  • Overall diminished quality of life

Your gateway to a good night's rest

Rely on He Deep Sleep Formula to transform your nights, helping you to achieve the restful sleep essential for optimal health and daily performance.

Sleep enhancement

Crafted from a blend of time-honored herbs from both Western and Chinese traditions, this formula is designed to calm the mind, induce restful sleep, and minimize sleep interruptions.

Evidence-based herbal blend

Each herb in our formula is chosen for its proven track record in traditional medicine for effectively enhancing sleep quality and reducing wakefulness.

Comprehensive nightly recovery

This formula doesn't just help you sleep; it promotes a holistic night's recovery, so you rise feeling mentally clear and physically energetic.

He Deep Sleep Ingredients

Feel the benefits of a great night's sleep with this comprehensive formula

Supporting Men’s Health

Formulated specifically for men, the He Men’s Health range blends essential herbs, vitamins, and minerals tailored to address men's unique health needs throughout all stages of life, supporting and rejuvenating their overall wellbeing.


Over what length of time can I take He Deep Sleep Formula?

He Deep Sleep Formula can be taken ongoing as needed to help with sleep. Discontinue use if you develop sensitivity to the formula.

How long will it take for He Men's Midlife Formula to help?

This varies on the individual.  Most men report improvements within a few weeks, however with some men it may take a little longer.

Over what length of time can I take He Men's Midlife Formula?

He can be taken ongoing as needed for the improvement of symptoms. As He contains tonic herbs, many men also prefer to take a maintenance dose daily after symptoms improve, to help provide ongoing energy, prostate support and to maintain calmness and wellbeing. During times of increased stress, you may return to the starting dose of 2 tablets per day, until symptoms improve.

Discontinue use if you develop sensitivity to the formula.

Are there any concerns with taking He Men's Midlife Formula while I am on prescription medications?

There are no known issues with our products and taking medications, but we recommend that you discuss starting He with your prescribing practitioner, as it is important that they are aware of everything you take and can assess your individual health needs.

Due to the possible positive effects of the herbs on the circulation, care should be observed when taking He with anticoagulant and heart medications, so seek advice from your health care professional.

Male hormones and testosterone?  We don’t recommend taking He Midlife Formula with prescription hormones, but you should discuss all treatment options with your practitioner.

Benign prostate enlargement should always be monitored by a doctor.