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Ener-Life delivers the ultimate in all-natural Vitamin and Mineral Drink Mixes. We're making sure that taking your vitamins is easy, incredibly delicious and most importantly, effective.

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    Watch the two videos below (and take notes!)

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    Once you’ve watched the videos, click on “Start Quiz”. Fill in all details as requested and follow the steps to complete!

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    Achieve 80% over and become an Ener-Life Brand Champion!*

If participant achieves an A+ score (80% or greater) they will be eligible to:

$100 Amazon Gift Card

Be entered in a draw for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! At the end of every month, we will draw one winner from all entries (A+ scores only).

Swag Pack

Receive an Ener-Life Brand Champion Swag Pack**:
- Ener-Life water bottle and one box of Ener-D Orange

- Select 1 x Free Product of their choice from entire Ener-Life product range ***

*You can attempt the quiz as many
times as you like in order to get an 80% or greater score.

**Free product & swag only
available once per education series per person.

***Subject to product
availability. An equal value replacement product will be chosen if we are out
of stock on product of choice.

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Video Two: